7 Card Stud Takes Longer Than 5 Card Stud, But You Can Win More

If you like poker, chances are that you’ve tried more than one variation. And if you’ve played both 7-card stud and 5-card stud, then you know that they’re both really popular games with a lot of variations.

This article will be comparing the two poker games in terms of gameplay, rules for betting and raising, and minimum bet amounts—along with some basic strategy tips to help you improve your winnings!

You Can Play 7 Card Stud Online Or In Casinos

• You can play 7 card stud online or in casinos, but it’s not as popular as 5 cards.
• The game is more complicated than 5 Card Stud and has more possibilities. It takes longer to play, but you can win more money if you get good cards and bet wisely.

You Start With Two Cards, And Then You Get One Card Face-Up.

In 7 Card Stud, you start with two cards, and then the dealer gives you one card face-up.Dealt face down are the final five cards. Then, in turn, each player has the option of folding (losing their ante) or betting more money into the pot.

The best thing about this game is that even if you fold early on in the hand without showing any of your cards at all (which happens often), at least there’s no risk involved!

All Players Make Their Best Five-Card Hands Out Of The Seven Cards

In 7 card stud, all players make their best five-card hands out of the seven cards they’ve been dealt. In order from highest to lowest, the hands are:

• A hand with all low cards is the best possible hand (7-2-A-K-Q).
• You can also win if you have a higher pair than any other player at the table, but this is not likely to happen often because there are usually more than two players in a game of 7 Card Stud.
• 7 card stud is fun because it has lots of possibilities, but it can take a while to play.

7 Card Stud Is Fun Because It Has Lots Of Possibilities

The best hand in 7 card stud is 7 low cards–for example 2,3,4,5,6 and 8. You might think that this sounds like a good hand to have in 5 card stud too! But remember that with 7-card poker, you are playing with two more cards than in 5-card poker and these extra cards change the odds for each player at the table significantly!


7 card stud is a fun game that takes longer than 5 cards. It’s nice because you have lots of possibilities for your hand, but it can take a while to play!